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Hammer Crusher

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  • By HAMMER to negative plate that do high speed Attaching pulverization material because do striking pulverization
  • Fitness with medium crushing (Below 10 ~ 3 mm) and pulverization (below 1mm)
  • Selecting FLY WHEEL stable high speed driving
  • SCREEN that exchange is simple choice adjustment of grading possible
  • Set to injection pulverization material's SIZE and size change of injection hole is possible
  • There is no reel TROUBLE occurrence by self-aligning BEARING's choice
  • There is no OVER ROAD phenomenon selecting constant feeder
  • Usage : All industry that need TONER the first pulverization,
    TV BROWN pipe refreshing pulverization,
    glass RECYCLE pulverization,
    the first pulverization for ultrafine,
    fertilizer raw material pulverization,
    milling raw material pulverization,
    other medium crushing / pulverization.