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Micronizer Jet Mill

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  • JET air current occurrence pulverization by HAMMER that rotate itself
  • Outside air by large quantity inflow box properties of matter by heat monotonous.(according to necessity, WATER JACKET establishment is available)
  • Outturn enlargement per hour to small size.(can produce more than 2 times from space that is same than other equipment)
  • Fibroid material vast quantity inclusion material pulverization possibility.(Korean angelica root, arrowroot, green tea etc.)
  • There is no equipment OVER LOAD phenomenon equiping fixed quantity supply SYSTEM
  • RUNNING COST curtailment for itself JET air current origination
  • TOutturn enlargement in SCREEN camouflage tag
  • More than 325Mesh (45㎛) 90% by once pulverization
  • Small Business Administration technical innovation development work success decision product
  • Usage : Every field of industry that need food, cosmetics, health assistance food, chemicals, medicinal herbs, medicine, other ultrafine crushing